Episode 36 - The Player

Have you heard the one about the Hollywood exec who killed a writer? Of course you have - it's an urban legend among whiny pretentious screenwriters everywhere! Listen to Alex and Julio as they take on Robert Altman's hypocritical critique of the studio system that paid his bills! Discover why Tim Robbins can't really work as a leading man! Drown in a sea of gratuitous cameos! And try to figure out what might be the most awkward sex scene we've discussed on the show so far!

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Episode 35 - A Good Day To Die Hard

John McClane. More American than apple pie, baseball and gun-control debates. What happens when a daring filmmaker sends this American icon to wreak havoc on Mother Russia? Oh, just the best fifth entry in an action franchise EVER. Join Alex, Julio and special Aussie guest Chas Fisher (from the Draft Zero podcast) in our most international episode yet!

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Episode 34 - That Thing You Do!

How's it going, America? You look like you need some cheering up. You need something peppy, something happy, something up-tempo, something snappy. So join Alex and Julio as they recount the horrifying tale of four young adults (and their lady friend) who thought they could make it in music business, got swallowed and spit out by the corporate machine, and only Tom Hanks got to live to tell their story.

Also, keep an ear out for extra hilarity, given that this was recorded BEFORE the latest presidential election. So, you know, there are more than a few "There's no way Trump would ever get elected" moments.

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33 - Valley of the Dolls

You may not be aware of this, but women have it tough. And you know who has it worse than the average woman? A woman in show business. Join our horrified hosts as they take a tour of the VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, a place where your dreams become your undoing, where pill-popping is an important career choice, and where the only way to survive is to run for the hills. Oh, and where, if you're a guy, your screen time diminishes according to how decent you are.

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Episode 32 - It Follows

Remember when your parents tried to scare you away from sex by telling you horror stories that didn't make sense? IT FOLLOWS is the pretentious movie adaptation of that talk. Alex and Julio are joined once again by Eddie Strait (from episode 20!) as they try to figure out the logistics of supernatural STDs and recognize that the only scary thing in this film is the relentless friendzoning taking place.

Seriously, there have to be better ways to protect our youth, fellas. 

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Episode 31 - The Punisher (1989)

The 80s. The Golden Age of action flicks, before the PC police decided there needed to be justification for every single shot fired in a movie. As the decade winded down, along came a film that was so badass, the US wouldn't dare distribute it. Ladies and gentlemen: Dolph Lundgren's THE PUNISHER, the truest version of the character, more dangerous than that wimp Thomas Jane and way hotter than that dude who played him in WAR ZONE. 

Join Alex and Julio as they pine for the good ol' days when the bad guys were irredeemable scumbags and the good guys could just shoot them in the face and walk away!

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Episode 30.5 - Bonus! Here Comes The Boom

Life is not a highway, life is a fight. And the only way to live it is to get in the ring. God damn if Kevin James doesn't teach us that in HERE COMES THE BOOM, a Happy Madison masterpiece that got slammed by critics to the tune of a 38% Rotten Tomatoes score. In honor of the upcoming UFC 202, Alex and Julio revisit the biggest MMA match of 2012 and are blown away by James' passion, Salma Hayek's generosity to date the guy, and, more than anything else, the sweetness of the second coming of The Fonz.

You've got some time to kill before McGregor and Diaz battle it out so why not listen to this bonus episode and feel alive again?

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Episode 30 - The A-Team

Walking the fine line between bold reinvention and disrespectful adaptation, Joe Carnahan's THE A-TEAM split the Tomatometer in half. That was back in 2009 and now the debate continues, as Alex and Julio take opposing sides on our third Grey Area Episode! Can you still call it The A-Team if B.A. is a softie and Face is the one with the master plan? Can you get any more badass than that tank sequence? Is Jessica Biel's character a celebration of all women, or just offensive to all women? And what's up with Murdock's accent???

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Episode 29 - Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

What happens when an evil, manipulative extra-terrestrial meets the dumbest people on Earth? According to Frank Oz, nothing much - just some singing and a happy ending. It's a Rick Moranis Event Horizon, as Alex and Julio discuss a beloved (!) musical in which the man who would one day shrink his kids manages to save planet Earth -and- get laid, all while being thoroughly incompetent. All this and cameos galore! Because maybe you won't notice how much the movie sucks if they keep throwing comedians in tiny supporting roles at you.

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