Episode 30.5 - Bonus! Here Comes The Boom

Life is not a highway, life is a fight. And the only way to live it is to get in the ring. God damn if Kevin James doesn't teach us that in HERE COMES THE BOOM, a Happy Madison masterpiece that got slammed by critics to the tune of a 38% Rotten Tomatoes score. In honor of the upcoming UFC 202, Alex and Julio revisit the biggest MMA match of 2012 and are blown away by James' passion, Salma Hayek's generosity to date the guy, and, more than anything else, the sweetness of the second coming of The Fonz.

You've got some time to kill before McGregor and Diaz battle it out so why not listen to this bonus episode and feel alive again?

PHOTO: The Real Dynamic Duo

PHOTO: The Real Dynamic Duo


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