Episode 31 - The Punisher (1989)

The 80s. The Golden Age of action flicks, before the PC police decided there needed to be justification for every single shot fired in a movie. As the decade winded down, along came a film that was so badass, the US wouldn't dare distribute it. Ladies and gentlemen: Dolph Lundgren's THE PUNISHER, the truest version of the character, more dangerous than that wimp Thomas Jane and way hotter than that dude who played him in WAR ZONE.

Join Alex and Julio as they pine for the good ol' days when the bad guys were irredeemable scumbags and the good guys could just shoot them in the face and walk away!

PHOTO: The Gun Face.

PHOTO: The Gun Face.


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- Not a plug, but a post-recording mea culpa: Yes, the Thomas Jane Punisher is rated R, not PG-13. Julio got it wrong (over and over again!). His excuse is that the movie's so dull, it feels like it's PG-13. There, that works, right?

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