Episode 32 - It Follows

Remember when your parents tried to scare you away from sex by telling you horror stories that didn't make sense? IT FOLLOWS is the pretentious movie adaptation of that talk. Alex and Julio are joined once again by Eddie Strait (from episode 20!) as they try to figure out the logistics of supernatural STDs and recognize that the only scary thing in this film is the relentless friendzoning taking place.

Seriously, there have to be better ways to protect our youth, fellas. 

PHOTO: The kids are all right.

PHOTO: The kids are all right.


- Alex loves the FOUR FINGERS DISCOUNT podcast and is certain any and all Simpsons fans will love it too.

- Still can't believe Eddie decided to plug BALLERS but, hey, to each their own. The Rock and Rob Corddry in a sports version of ENTOURAGE.

- Finally: HEY YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO REGISTER TO VOTE. If you guys don't vote, I don't want to hear you bitching and whining about anything for the next four years. Registering is the first step. Do it.

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