33 - Valley of the Dolls

You may not be aware of this, but women have it tough. And you know who has it worse than the average woman? A woman in show business. Join our horrified hosts as they take a tour of the VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, a place where your dreams become your undoing, where pill-popping is an important career choice, and where the only way to survive is to run for the hills. Oh, and where, if you're a guy, your screen time diminishes according to how decent you are.

PHOTO: Don't lose your head.

PHOTO: Don't lose your head.


- Julio plugged democracy because, come on. You know why. Educate yourselves and go out there and help shape this beautiful nation of ours. Also, here's a video of a Counting Crows performance.

- Alex is still reeling from our last episode, so here's the IT FOLLOWS teaser for the UK.

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