Episode 30 - The A-Team

Walking the fine line between bold reinvention and disrespectful adaptation, Joe Carnahan's THE A-TEAM split the Tomatometer in half. That was back in 2009 and now the debate continues, as Alex and Julio take opposing sides on our third Grey Area Episode! Can you still call it The A-Team if B.A. is a softie and Face is the one with the master plan? Can you get any more badass than that tank sequence? Is Jessica Biel's character a celebration of all women, or just offensive to all women? And what's up with Murdock's accent???

PHOTO: Good morning!

PHOTO: Good morning!

Links to stuff!

Here's the trailer for Shawn Ewert's SACRAMENT (you can see Cory about to get in trouble around the minute thirty mark) and here's their official Facebook page.

Here's the trailer for MAGGIE, that movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger has to decide what to do with his zombie daughter. 

And here's the trailer for you finding our show on iTunes and rating/reviewing/subscribing. Just kidding! No trailer! But you should do it anyway!