Episode 29 - Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

What happens when an evil, manipulative extra-terrestrial meets the dumbest people on Earth? According to Frank Oz, nothing much - just some singing and a happy ending. It's a Rick Moranis Event Horizon, as Alex and Julio discuss a beloved (!) musical in which the man who would one day shrink his kids manages to save planet Earth -and- get laid, all while being thoroughly incompetent. All this and cameos galore! Because maybe you won't notice how much the movie sucks if they keep throwing comedians in tiny supporting roles at you.

PHOTO: Got blood?

PHOTO: Got blood?

Links to stuff!

Rick Moranis gets maybe three seconds of screen time in the STREETS OF FIRE trailer. Still no idea if he sings in that movie or not. Tell us.

This clip of Tom Hooper winning an Oscar sums up why Alex hates him.

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