Episode 28 - Green Lantern

Oh, so now you all like Ryan Reynolds again. But where were you when his previous superhero movie bombed with critics and audiences? Alex and Julio revisit GREEN LANTERN, a film that has everything the current DC vehicles sorely need: humor, unbridled imagination, strong female characters, a progressive attitude towards diversity and a villain that's not played by Jesse Eissenberg. Can you imagine the world we'd live in if this movie had been a success? We have, and it was a green shade of beautiful.

Also, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE spoiler talk in the last fifteen minutes! Because we needed to get it off our collective chests and it's been long enough.

PHOTO: It ain't easy having bad breath.

PHOTO: It ain't easy having bad breath.

No plugs this week, just a pro-texting-in-theaters rant. Wait, don't start throwing shit around, it will make sense once you listen to the episode. Anyway here's an article about the thing that started it all then here's Tim League being a hypocrite (love your theaters, man - but your angle on this doesn't make sense) and, finally, an article about AMC pussying out.

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