Episode 27 - 48 Hours

Nolte, Murphy and awkward racism: together again for the first time! Resident Walter Hill expert, Brandon Curtis, joins Alex and Julio once more to try to figure out how on Earth did a masterpiece like Another 48 Hours came to be from the generic, tasteless and downright offensive 48 Hours. If you thought you were going to get insight into the genesis of the Nolte/Murphy relationship, the original 48 Hours disappoints. On the other hand, if you think reckless cops are cool and the N-word makes you giggle, you might be disappointed by our review instead.

PHOTO: And they lived happily ever after.

PHOTO: And they lived happily ever after.

Plug time!

- The guys over at Draft-Zero talk about their Quentin Tarantino experience in Episode 29 of their awesome screenwriting podcast.

- Walter Chaw hasn't published his Walter Hill book yet, but you can follow him on Twitter - @mangiotto

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