Episode 35 - A Good Day To Die Hard

John McClane. More American than apple pie, baseball and gun-control debates. What happens when a daring filmmaker sends this American icon to wreak havoc on Mother Russia? Oh, just the best fifth entry in an action franchise EVER. Join Alex, Julio and special Aussie guest Chas Fisher (from the Draft Zero podcast) in our most international episode yet!

PHOTO: Sometimes it IS about the size of the gun.

PHOTO: Sometimes it IS about the size of the gun.


- Here's the trailer for Chas' beloved GETTIN' SQUARE (inexplicably playing on an apparently endless loop) and here's the webpage for DRAFT ZERO, his super cool podcast.

- Here's the webpage for the FOUND podcast, the one that almost made Julio cry on the way to work.

- Someone's DAD WROTE A PORNO and Chas recommended that too. Well, the podcast about it, not the porno itself.

- Finally, the HBO BOXING PODCAST, recommended by Alex, has that story about the 9/11 fight (STILL STANDING) as well as over a hundred other episodes.

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