Episode 36 - The Player

Have you heard the one about the Hollywood exec who killed a writer? Of course you have - it's an urban legend among whiny pretentious screenwriters everywhere! Listen to Alex and Julio as they take on Robert Altman's hypocritical critique of the studio system that paid his bills! Discover why Tim Robbins can't really work as a leading man! Drown in a sea of gratuitous cameos! And try to figure out what might be the most awkward sex scene we've discussed on the show so far!

PHOTO: Big Dick Playa

PHOTO: Big Dick Playa


- Trust Julio, Woody Allen's CRISIS IN SIX SCENES gets much much better as it goes on.

- Your name isn't Alex Mattis, so you probably watched DEADPOOL ages ago. But it's been so long, the trailer might bring a smile to your face again.

- Whether you're a fan of THE WALKING DEAD or not, we can all agree this review of the season premiere is horse shit, right?

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