Christmas Bonus! - Reindeer Games

Merry Christmas! Alex and Julio's gift to you this year is their take on a twisty-turny tale of true love, kitschy casinos and hellish in-laws. John Frankenheimer goes Shyamalan on his final masterpiece as he makes you question EVERYTHING every ten minutes, kind of like when you spend the holidays with your family. 

Plus: tasty nudity, a Lieutenant Dan reprise, Pepsi jokes and an exciting game of "IS IT WORSE THAN REINDEER GAMES?" during Real Talk!




- THE WRESTLER is always good for a rewatch, even if you don't like wrestling anywhere near as much as Alex.

- Make sure you have a happy cat video to chase this touching POST-SECRET/COUNTING CROWS mash-up.

- Alex does NOT recommend HATERS BACK OFF, but let's all hope Francesca Reale shows up in better shows.

- As mentioned before, if you want to hear more of Chas Fisher's distinguished accent, you should check out his podcast, DRAFT ZERO.

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