Christmas Bonus! - Fred Claus

The Tomatometer score for FRED CLAUS is the perfect example of America not knowing how good something is until they lose it. Paul Giamatti as Santa Claus? That only happens once in a lifetime, if you are lucky. And to have him surrounded by a cast of comedic titans: Vince Vaughnn, Rachel Weisz, Christopher Plummer… We had paradise and we stamped a 20% Rotten Score on it. Listen to Alex and Julio give this holiday gem a second chance and rescue it from Rotten Tomatoes Hell!

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Christmas Bonus! - Reindeer Games

Merry Christmas! Alex and Julio's gift to you this year is their take on a twisty-turny tale of true love, kitschy casinos and hellish in-laws. John Frankenheimer goes Shyamalan on his final masterpiece as he makes you question EVERYTHING every ten minutes, kind of like when you spend the holidays with your family.

Plus: tasty nudity, a Lieutenant Dan reprise, Pepsi jokes and an exciting game of "IS IT WORSE THAN REINDEER GAMES?" during Real Talk!

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Episode 22.5 - Bonus! Colombus Day!

Christmas and Chris Colombus are like peanut butter and jelly. Two peas in a holiday pod. They even start with the same five letters. Join Alex and Julio as they revisit five key moments in Colombus' career including a controversial Rotten Tomatoes five-percenter! A bonus episode you can listen to while you unwrap presents and decide which to re-gift!

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