79 - The King's Speech

Must we mock England so relentlessly? Must we maliciously tell the embellished story of a conman who preyed on royalty and got away with it? Alex and Julio tackle yet another Best Picture Winner that got its Oscar by making fun of foreign customs, one that didn’t even bother to give Helena Bonham Carter anything to do besides looking dashing on some of the posters. Also: more recent Oscars chat in the Real Talk segment!

PHOTO: Modern medicine.

PHOTO: Modern medicine.


00:00:00 - 00:43:00 Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:43:01 - 00:44:12    Royal Cursing

00:44:13 - 01:11:33       Real Talk

01:11:34 - 01:21:20 The future, plugs and see ya laters

01:21:49 - 01:23:13 More Oscars 2019


- Alex rewatched THE MASTER to remind himself that The Academy hardly ever gets it right.

- Julio has to give props to Rotten Tomatoes (!!!) for doing the right thing.

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Up next, we take a little break from our Awards Season Arc to focus on a long-time promised Grey Area Episode: THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY! Until then, let us know how you feel about THE KING’S SPEECH! Are you a Tom Hooper groupie? Could you tell how hard we were trying not to call ourselves “film buffs”? Is there a truly bad Colin Firth movie? E-mail us at wearethecontrarians@gmail.com or tweet at us or facebook us and share your thoughts!