80 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Did Ben Stiller ego grow way out of hand, or did he finally evolve into the everyman we always knew he could be? Is his WALTER MITTY a love poem to himself, or an ode to all of us who aren’t major superstars? More importantly: is Kristen Wiig’s rendition of Ground Control to Major Tom more poignant than David Bowie’s? The Contrarians tackle all the angles in their eighth “Grey Area” episode, with Julio playing defense and Alex attacking! It’s a battle as spectacular as Ben Stiller’s imaginary action sequences!

PHOTO: The Quintessence of Life.

PHOTO: The Quintessence of Life.


00:00:00 - 00:53:35 Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:53:36 - 00:55:28    Ground Control to Major Tom

00:55:29 - 01:33:21       Real Talk

01:33:22 - 01:45:33 The future, plugs and see ya laters


- Alex just found out you can play as Leatherface on Mortal Kombat X. Here’s an EXTREMELY GRAPHIC compilation of all fatalities being done to Leatherface. Enjoy?

- Julio joined Joe Ketchum of QUOTE UNQUOTE GUILTY for an upcoming episode on LIFE ITSELF!

- The LIVESTREAM FOR THE CURE 3 is coming up! We’ll join the show on May 18th. from 5pm to 6pm, EST, and we’ll be doing our Contrarians routine with a movie that will be revealed closer to the event!

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Up next, we return to our Awards Season for our final Razzie movie: HUDSON HAWK! Until then, let us know how you feel about THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY! Do you hate it because it’s not like the original story? Do you love it because it inspired you to go out into the world? E-mail us at wearethecontrarians@gmail.com or tweet at us or facebook us and share your thoughts!