78 - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Science versus religion! Spock versus his own brother! Shatner versus God!!!! How on Earth is this movie considered the worst Star Trek movie ever made??? Listen to Alex and Julio as they marvel at the talents of William Shatner behind and in front of the camera, the charisma of Laurence Luckinbill as an intergalactic preacher, and the dark disturbing undertones of what this film does to Bones’ soul! Plus: row row row your boat!

PHOTO: He was on vacation.

PHOTO: He was on vacation.


00:00:00 - 00:49:06 Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:49:07 - 00:50:12    Merrily Merrily Merrily

00:50:13 - 01:13:00       Real Talk

01:13:01 - 01:30:19 The future, plugs and see ya laters

01:30:48 - 01:32:03 JCVD


- Alex had an emotional reaction to THE HISTORY OF MORTAL KOMBAT. How can that not make you curious?

- Julio was surprised by how much he enjoyed FACING ALI. Was it just because he’s not a boxing fan?

- The LIVESTREAM FOR THE CURE 3 is coming up! We’ll join the show on May 18th. from 5pm to 6pm, EST, and we’ll be doing our Contrarians routine with a movie that will be revealed closer to the event!

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