77 - Shakespeare in Love

On today’s episode: a movie that celebrates an artist’s worst tendencies. Adultery, procrastination, irresponsibility, self-centeredness, and an overall lack of a moral center. In other words, Academy Awards catnip! Listen to Alex and Julio as they examine SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and discuss Gwyneth Paltrow’s coming out party! Joseph Fiennes’ three minutes of fame! And John Madden’s confusingly successful transition from football to filmmaking!

PHOTO: Let’s cheat!

PHOTO: Let’s cheat!


00:00:00 - 00:50:25 Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:50:26 - 00:51:21    Ye Olde Theater

00:51:22 - 01:30:25       Real Talk

01:30:26 - 01:47:24 The future, plugs and see ya laters


- Both Alex and Julio recommend the FYRE FESTIVAL documentaries, although Julio thinks you only really need to watch one and if you’re only going to watch one, go with the Netflix one, which is better.

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Up next, we go back to The Razzies as we tackle STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER. Until then, let us know if you’re one of those rare souls that truly believes SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE is the best movie of 1999! Are you a member of the Joseph Fiennes Fan Club? Did you watch CAPTAIN CORELLI’S MANDOLIN? E-mail us at wearethecontrarians@gmail.com or tweet at us or facebook us and share your thoughts!