52 - Righteous Kill

Pacino. DeNiro. Sharing the screen for a full 90 minutes, because Jon Avnet is fifteen times the director Michael Mann is. RIGHTEOUS KILL has it all: slick violence, slicker sex and the slickest final twist this side of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It also has a dismal 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes, proving once again that you can't trust that website for nothing. Listen to Alex and Julio marvel at Pacino's hair, argue about whether this Carla Gugino performance tops the one she gave in WATCHMEN, and lament the fact that Pacino's death whisper hasn't been memified for some reason.

PHOTO: Be careful what you wish for.

PHOTO: Be careful what you wish for.


00:00:00 - 00:41:12   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:42:08 - 01:13:00    Real Talk

01:13:01 - 01:19:45       Plugs

01:19:46 - 01:25:20     That Armie Hammer Buzzfeed article

01:25:21 - 01:30:44     Oscar Noms & The Big Sick

01:30:45 - 01:32:40    One last plug - VEEP

00:32:41 - 01:36:02     Final Righteous Kill thoughts


- Alex casually wants to plug OZARK (he may have already done so and we just don't remember) and officially wants to plug FIREWATCH, a game which kept him occupied during his week-long bout with allergies and the flu.

- Julio loved THE POST, liked PHANTOM THREAD much better than INHERENT VICE and found the payoff to the long build-up in CALL ME BY YOUR NAME very much worth it.

- Even though we don't really agree with the way this Buzzfeed article goes about making its point, we talked about it enough that it'd be weird not to link to it: TEN LONG YEARS OF TRYING TO MAKE ARMIE HAMMER HAPPEN.

- If you're not watching VEEP, maybe this collection of Amy Brookheimer's Greatest Hits will convince you to do so. Or at the very least will explain why she is Julio's favorite character.

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