53 - American Hustle

Christian Bale's combover. Amy Adams' accent. Bradley Cooper's perm. Jennifer Lawrence singing "Live or Let Die". Yes, on paper, AMERICAN HUSTLE is a comedy. On the screen? It's an experience so excruciating, Alex and Julio needed help from Down Under to get through it. Chas Fisher, host of the podcast DRAFT ZERO, returns to the show to discuss David O. Russell's lack of regard for sensible storytelling, wonder what dark secrets Russell knows about all these talented actors and, of course, be horrified by how this movie treats women.

All this, plus: some spoilery LAST JEDI talk and a super cute cameo by Chas' daughter in the post-credits clip.




00:00:00 - 00:59:09  Contrarians Corner (#CC)

01:00:52 - 01:38:05      Real Talk

01:38:06 - 01:49:14       Super spoilery Last Jedi talk

01:49:15 - 01:57:24        Plugs!

01:57:25 - 01:58:43       Delightful outtakes


- Regular listeners of our show have heard us plug DRAFT ZERO plenty of times before (that's where you can hear Chas be all serious about screenwriting).

- Chas says GODLESS is a "true Western". Well, it's from Scott Frank and it's only seven episodes so why not give it a shot?

- How hilarious is it that last episode Alex was wondering if he'd already plugged OZARK and in this episode he actually officially plugs it? The wonders of non-linear recording.

- Finally, if its Oscar Nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay hasn't convinced you to check out MOLLY'S GAME, then maybe Julio's endorsement will. More importantly, take a look at INFINITY CHAMBER on Netflix.

And that's it! Next episode we'll tackle a movie neither of us has seen: TANK GIRL. It'll be awesome. Until then, please rate/review/subscribe and email us your American Hustle thoughts to wearethecontrarians@gmail.com - Chas needs to feel the love all the way to Australia.