51 - Sing Street

Behold: an Irish film that's too scared to go Full Irish. No real heavy drinking, no real swearing, no real violence. Only lots of 80s musical numbers and one of those girl-totally-takes-advantage-of-boy love stories. Recently appointed Austin Critic, Eddie Strait, returns to the podcast to join Alex and Julio in dissecting SING STREET - and long for the days of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and its sequel.

PHOTO: Just begging to be bullied.

PHOTO: Just begging to be bullied.


00:00:00 - 00:44:18   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:45:19 - 01:08:30     Real Talk

01:08:31 - 01:17:34        Plugs and end credits

01:18:04 - 01:20:58      More Entourage and The Future


- If Alex isn't at work or recording this podcast or tweeting about wrestling, he's probably playing the new FRIDAY THE 13TH game.

- They scared him at first, but Julio's very much in love with BEYOND THE BOX SET, a very funny podcast that he doesn't find threatening at all.

- Eddie had to show off his brand new critic credentials by bragging about his screeners for THE WORK and A GHOST STORY.

Coming up next: a movie that gives you everything Michael Mann's HEAT failed to deliver. It's all-Pacino, all-DeNiro, together all the time in RIGHTEOUS KILL! Until then, do the rate/review/subscribe thing on Apple Podcasts and email us at wearethecontrarians@gmail.com with your SING STREET thoughts!