Bonus! - 200 Cigarettes

MTV was way ahead of their time when they cast a bunch of future Oscar nominees, future Oscar winners and all around future superstars to travel back in time and celebrate New Year's Eve in The 80s. Critics and audiences dismissed them as a bunch of nobodies who didn't even know how to party - now we can appreciate them as complex individuals who share the same issues we people from the 2000s suffer from. Listen to Alex and Julio untangle the multiple storylines that make up 200 CIGARETTES and marvel at how much we all have in common with young Martha Plimpton and young Kate Hudson, how Jay Mohr is always a weasel no matter the decade and how Ben Affleck became a man after this movie flopped.

PHOTO: The 80s are unimpressed.

PHOTO: The 80s are unimpressed.


00:00:00 - 00:42:32   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:42:33 - 01:16:05      Real Talk

01:16:06 - 01:17:59        The Future

01:18:00 - 01:21:53        Plugs!

01:21:54 - 01:22:05       Outtake


- Yes, Julio is plugging GUITAR HERO LIVE two years after the fact. It's still awesome.

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