49 - Big

What's the deal with Tom Hanks in BIG? He doesn't behave like an adult, but he doesn't behave like a kid either! Could it be that maybe Penny Marshall, an adult woman, had no idea what thirteen year old boys were really like? What's Hanks' excuse though? And will we stop beating around the bush and address the incredibly inappropriate elephant in the room? The one that hooks up with a teenage elephant? Special guest Lillian Mattis joins Alex and Julio in the final installment of the Female Filmmakers Arc! 

PHOTO: 13 going on heartbreak.

PHOTO: 13 going on heartbreak.


00:00-49:21       Contrarians Corner (#CC)

50:10-1:20:10      Real Talk

1:20:11-1:21:47      The future

1:21:48-1:24:56    Plugs and goodbyes

1:25:29-1:26:29   Hot Mics


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- Remember Kinsey Jones from the ZERO DARK THIRTY episode? This is her shortfilm, POULTRY. Like it, share it, all that good stuff!

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