Bonus! - Home for the Holidays

The equivalent of somebody killing the mood by telling a joke that starts somewhat humorous and ends awkwardly personal and with no punchline, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is Jodie Foster's attempt at directing a comedy. Listen to Alex and Julio celebrate Thanksgiving by squirming through a movie that miscasts Steve Guttenberg as a grump, Dylan McDermott as someone who's supposed to be charismatic, and a coked-out Robert Downey Jr. as someone who's not supposed to be coked-out. Not even the unstoppable charm of Holly Hunter on pure loser mode can salvage a project that seems determined to portray the Ultimate American Family Gathering as a relentless nightmare. #NotMyThanksgiving.

PHOTO: First World Problems.

PHOTO: First World Problems.


00:00-47:21   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

48:32-1:21:10   Real Talk

1:21:11-1:23:25   Plugs

1:23:26-1:29:13  Zero Dark Thirty Feedback

1:29:14-1:40:00 The Contrarians Talk About Sexual Scandals in Hollywood


- Is NIRVANA UNPLUGGED the best Nirvana album? Alex and his Uber driver seem to think so.

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