48 - Loser

As much a time-traveling machine to the year 2000 as it is an inspiring tale of resilience in the face of the worst New York Higher Education can offer, LOSER doesn't deserve its bad rep. Neither does its star, Jason Biggs, who has proved in the years since that his can-do attitude isn't something he saves only for when the camera is rolling. And then there's Amy Heckerling, delivering a masterful spiritual sequence to her big hit FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, and being as misunderstood by the industry as Biggs is by the big city.

Join Alex and Julio as they relish a delicious Evil Greg Kinnear performance, witness the birth of future stars Thomas Sadowski and Jimmi Simpson and are shocked by some really dark stuff happening to Mena Suvari. The Contrarians' Female Filmmakers Arc continues!

PHOTO: What a loser looks like in Hollywood.

PHOTO: What a loser looks like in Hollywood.


- Alex may have reservations about fully committing to plugging OVER THE GARDEN WALL but, luckily for you, he doesn't type up the plugs on this page.

- Alex's official plug, on the other hand, is HOT ONES. Check it out if you're into watching people eat wings.

- Do you like queso? Do you not like queso? Either way, there's no reason not to listen to I LOVE QUESO SO MUCH, especially if you're an Austinite.

- I guess we'll link to the Violet Crown's website despite the box office cashier ignoring the guy in front of Alex?

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