47 - Zero Dark Thirty

Ever had an awesome history class you actually loved because the teacher made it feel like story time instead of boring school stuff? ZERO DARK THIRTY is the complete opposite of that. Special guest Kinsey Jones joins Alex and Julio as they navigate the dangerous waters of criticizing a 9/11 movie, analyzing Jessica Chastain's questionable investigative talent, and complaining about yet another instance of a movie wasting Kyle Chandler's time. It's the fourth installment of our Female Filmmakers Arc and it's a doozy!

PHOTO: Artsy patriotism.

PHOTO: Artsy patriotism.


- This trailer for TRICKED spoils almost every reveal in the movie but, as you know, Julio thinks the interesting stuff is the behind-the-scenes documentary that plays before the film.

- This super-cheesy trailer for SWIMMING WITH SHARKS doesn't include the scene Kinsey recreated in the episode but it's still pretty good.

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