71 - The Kids Are All Right (and Halloween 2018)

Sooner or later, somebody was going to try to demystify gay women in a mainstream movie. Sooner or later, straight white men were going to pay for all the stuff they’d gotten away with since the dawn of time. So 2010 saw the arrival of THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, a movie that’s a little too overzealous in how it depicts that lesbians “can screw up too” and very overzealous in how it nails Mark Ruffalo to a cross. Listen to Alex and Julio as they navigate the dangerous waters of comedic #MenToo precursors and try to figure out what kind of person would name their kid “Laser”!

Also, a spoilerific discussion of the new HALLOWEEN movie (after the plugs section) because, well, you know the original HALLOWEEN is one of Alex’s favorites movies ever.

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Episode 13 - Silent Hill

There are a lot of terrifying things lurking in the underrated horror tour-de-force that is the SILENT HILL movie. The scariest, however, is how it forced society to confront our outdated ideas when it came to parenting. Join Alex and Julio as they huddle together in fear and dig deep into the greatest videogame adaptation of all time.

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