64 - Blow Out

It's hard to take Brian De Palma's BLOW OUT seriously, mainly because it tries to convince you that a hunk like John Travolta belongs behind the camera, not in front of one. Also because it casts the silly guy from THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN as a supposedly creepy serial killer. And finally because it's a De Palma movie, which means it's more interested in ripping off Hitchcock than in telling a coherent story around fully fleshed out characters. Listen to Alex and Julio as they wonder why anyone would put a beloved movie star (and his fans) through the grinder and why Detective Sipowicz only has that one stained wifebeater.

PHOTO: The Hottest Soundman Ever.

PHOTO: The Hottest Soundman Ever.


00:00:00 - 00:45:50   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:45:51 - 00:47:54    The bleakest ending we've seen in a while

00:47:55 - 01:16:47      Real Talk

01:16:48 - 01:26:05        Plugs and see ya laters


- We both watched FISH TANK and thought it was really good. And not just because you get to see Michael Fassbender dance.

- Julio finally watched RASHOMON and... it wasn't what he expected. Still very much worth checking out though.

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