Bonus! - Saturday Night Fever

There isn't a purer Travolta than SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Travolta and what that means for the Italian American community might not be the same as for other Americans out there. Listen to Alex and Julio cope with the worst behavior exhibited in the Summer of Travolta so far: racism, misogyny, showing off on the dance floor - you name it, he's guilty of it. All this, and a pointless Fran Drescher cameo to boot! Why does the Tomatometer love this movie so much?!?

PHOTO: Product placement at its best.

PHOTO: Product placement at its best.


00:00:00 - 00:52:23   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:52:24 - 00:54:39    Walking down the street with Tony

00:54:40 - 01:23:32      Real Talk

01:23:33 - 01:27:31        Plugs and see ya laters


- Just a quick one: go watch ANT-MAN & THE WASP! It's delightful.

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