Bonus! - Hairspray (2007)

What's more passive-aggressive racist than a movie full of white people whitesplaining racism while they keep black people away from the spotlight? In this bonus late night, long distance recording, Alex and Julio reckon with the musical adaptation of HAIRSPRAY, a film that tries to fight segregation by focusing on the love story between two super white kids. This new installment of The Summer of Travolta asks the question: should a (re)established male movie star be taking a prominent female role that could have gone to an actress in need of a breakout part? And how silly it is that all it takes is the combined powers of Zac Effron and James Marsden to end racial inequality in America? And was Michelle Pfeiffer's character really that evil, or just unfairly maligned by the patriarchy?

PHOTO: The apple and the tree.

PHOTO: The apple and the tree.


00:00:00 - 00:00:30     Disclaimer

00:00:31 - 00:46:13        Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:46:14 - 00:47:07       The cast of Hairspray on Travolta

00:47:08 - 00:59:22       Real Talk

00:59:23 - 01:03:30        Extra Real Talk: Racism Sucks

01:03:31 - 01:06:35         Farewells, thanks and the future


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