59 - Pulp Fiction

Why should we care for a bunch of despicable criminals? "Because they're cool!", says Quentin Tarantino. John Travolta's comeback vehicle gets The Contrarians Treatment as Alex and Julio wonder why Uma Thurman speaks like Juno McGuff, why Tarantino wouldn't cast an actual actor to play Jimmy and, more importantly, what gives Travolta those time-traveling regenerative powers. And are Bruce Willis' terrible breakfast habits to blame for everything? Why can't we get a whole movie about Eric Stoltz? Most importantly: how can a movie with so many guns have so little action?!?!?!

The Summer of Travolta continues!

PHOTO: It's still a white man dancing.

PHOTO: It's still a white man dancing.


00:00:00 - 01:07:44   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

01:07:45 - 01:08:37      Livestream for the Cure 2.0 Promo

01:08:38 - 01:42:19       Real Talk

01:42:20 - 01:47:22      Plugs!


- Alex continues to love Netflix's LOVE and Julio continues to not watch it (but it's on the queue!)

- Unsurprisingly, Julio is over the Moon about INFINITY WAR. Oh my god, just watching the trailer now after having seen the movie is enough to give anyone chills.

- And, as this episode drops, there's only a couple of days left before the LIVESTREAM FOR THE CURE 2.0! Check it out and help cancer research!

Next episode, we get our first Summer of Travolta Bonus Episode when we tackle HAIRSPRAY (the 2007 musical, not the original 1988 John Waters movie, as if we needed to tell you which one features John Travolta). Until then, hit us up all over the internet. We are on Facebook, we are on Twitter, you should totally rate/review/subscribe on Apple Podcasts if you haven't yet and it would also be nice if you sent us your thoughts to wearethecontrarians@gmail.com - or don't, we'll like you either way.