76 - Gigli

Oh my god, you killed Martin Brest’s career!!! You bastards!!!! Awards Season is upon us and what better way to celebrate it than by rescuing an infamous “turkey” (yeah, yeah, we know) and telling the world about how awesome it actually is? Listen to Alex and Julio as they wonder if America simply couldn’t handle two extremely attractive people having frank conversations about sex! Learn just how much we’ve been wasting Justin Bartha’s talent over the past decade! And marvel at Ben Affleck’s unbeatable game when it comes to gay women! It’s a Razzie Winner that should’ve been an Oscar Winner!

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Episode 21.5 - Bonus! A Zombie Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about family. You know what else is all about family? Rob Zombie's movies. Join Alex, Julio and special guest Cory "The Movie Monk" Ahre as they explore Zombie's filmography and how it highlights the blood ties that bind us with those that hurt us the most. Clearly something critics completely missed, hence the movies' atrocious Rotten Tomatoes scores.

(Yes, there is an annoying hum behind Alex's voice - fear not! it goes away 20 minutes in. Blame the Turkey Goblins)

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