Episode 42 - This Means War

"This means war" cried Tom Hardy after his agent told him he didn't think The Future Bane was well-suited for a lead role in a romantic comedy. "This means war" declared McG when studios all over told him it was nonsense to break his streak of amazing action movies by directing a Reese Witherspoon vehicle. "This means war" decided critics everywhere when they saw McG and Hardy had ignored everyone's advice and had gone ahead and shot a fantastic action-rom-com... so they conspired to give it a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Join Alex and Julio as they fawn over Hardy's one and only foray into comedy and romance, McG's most complex and complete movie yet, and the fantastically good looks of Chris Pine and Ms. Whiterspoon. 

(and then, at the 1 hour 15 minutes mark: some spoiler talk about LOGAN, because why not)

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