Episode 39 - A Chorus Line

Trying to get a straight, honest answer out of an actor is as difficult as spending an entire musical without actually singing a song. Alex and Julio join Michael Douglas in a cruel, grueling, enlightening journey through an 80s Broadway rehearsal as The Contrarians finish their tour of showbiz! Critics might have scoffed at this adaptation of the hit show,"A Chorus Line", but that's probably only because they were intimidated by Douglas' overpowering manliness and charisma. That was their loss because this movie has it all: dancing, songs, heartbreak, cool flashbacks and, goddammit, more dancing.

Also, on Real Talk: The Contrarians ask for your suggestions for an upcoming "Female Filmmakers Multi-parter!"

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Episode 17 - Take Me Home Tonight

You know all those crazy stories about the 80s? They are all true. Alex and Julio take a trip back in time courtesy of Topher Grace, Anna Faris and perennial scene-stealer Dan Fogler, to a decade when the music was always awesome, cocaine was the drug of choice, and social media didn't exist. You could actually lie to your old high school crush about where you worked and Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn wouldn't prove you wrong! You wanna know why it's at 28% on Rotten Tomatoes? Because Rotten Tomatoes doesn't like having fun. Or wind surfing.

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