66 - Get Shorty

What did John Travolta do as soon as he rose from the dead like a Brooklyn Phoenix in the mid 90s? He made a movie that was all about him bullying his way through Hollywood. Listen to Alex and Julio begin to close the book on The Summer of Travolta as they discuss how uncomfortable it is to watch Gene Hackman try to be funny, compare Rene Russo's character to Princess Peach, criticize Danny DeVito's lackadaisical work ethic and are appalled at how quickly the movie disposes of Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico. It's Part One of the Summer of Travolta Finale!

PHOTO: Funny and Funnier.

PHOTO: Funny and Funnier.


00:00:00 - 00:48:32   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:48:33 - 00:51:07    Travolta wins a Golden Globe!

00:51:08 - 01:18:08      Real Talk

01:18:09 - 01:21:09        Thanks and see ya laters

01:22:13 - 01:23:59       More Chainsaw Massacre 3 talk


- No actual plugs this week, just a warning from Alex not to eat spicy hotdogs from 7/11. Also, here's the music video for that Miley/Travolta duet from BOLT.

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