68 - Donnie Brasco

Like a direct-to-video project accidentally getting theatrical release, DONNIE BRASCO rolled into movie theaters as a gangster movie that couldn’t afford proper gangsters. Listen to Alex and Julio as they discuss what happens when Johnny Depp is asked to play a normal person, what happens when Al Pacino tries to imitate Robert DeNiro and what happens when your screenwriter is a little too proud of all those cool mobster words he learned during his research. Also, the role of Nagging Wife will be played by Anne Heche tonight. Enjoy!

PHOTO: Candid shot of The Sopranos’ stunt doubles.

PHOTO: Candid shot of The Sopranos’ stunt doubles.


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- Alex is playing CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE years after everyone stopped. He’s also super pumped about the second season of OZARK. And in case you were wondering, yes, THE TRUMAN SHOW is still a masterpiece.

- We plugged it a few episodes ago, but let’s plug it again now that it’s actually going on: FURIOUSTEMBER, from our buddies from We Watched A Thing, is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys the FAST & FURIOUS franchise. Or anyone who enjoys making fun of it.

- Even if the UNFRIENDED movies weren’t your cup of tea, you might want to give SEARCHING a shot. Julio’s a sucker for those “desktop/laptop screen” movies and this one might be the best of them all (so far).

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