Bonus! - Grease

The biggest musical in John Travolta's career features the oldest seniors in town teaching youngsters everywhere that all you have to do to win the one you love is change absolutely everything about you. Listen to Alex and Julio unpack GREASE, a movie that's all about bullying, body shaming, deceiving, conniving and lots of unprotected sex! And people in their mid-thirties acting like teenagers.

PHOTO: It's the broad's fault!

PHOTO: It's the broad's fault!


00:00:00 - 00:47:59   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:48:00 - 00:48:53    Promo: ImDb Journey Podcast

00:48:54 - 00:49:37     Danny and Sandy at the drive-thru

00:49:38 - 01:22:11        Real Talk

01:22:12 - 01:28:26        More old Breaking Bad spoilers

01:28:27 - 01:37:15       Plugs and see ya laters

01:37:30 - 01:39:08     Cutting room floor and shameless self promotion


- Here's the trailer for DEATH STRANDING. That's some creepy 

- There's no way you can resist listening to THE IMDB JOURNEY PODCAST after listening to that promo. And here's co-host Daniel's Top 26 of 2017 video (see if you can beat Alex and Julio's scores).

- The guys from BEYOND THE BOX SET did an episode on THE BOY NEXT DOOR and I guess now we have to do one sometime soon.

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