Bonus! - Man on the Moon

It's Wrestlemania time, which means we are due for another Bonus Wrestlemania Episode! So Alex and Julio go Full Kaufman by picking a movie that waits about an hour to get to its big wrestling set piece: Jerry Lawler beating the hell out of Jim Carrey. It's a Rotten-Tomatoes-endorsed Possessed-Carrey vehicle about the Ultimate Troll, and the joke is on us, the audience! Listen as The Contrarians wrestle (get it?) with how empty the movie made them feel and also with what it's like to see the original cast of TAXI pretending to be 30 years younger.

PHOTO: Who's the heel?

PHOTO: Who's the heel?


00:00:00 - 00:49:44   Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:49:45 - 00:51:50   The Slap that was heard around the world

00:51:51 - 01:24:16   Real Talk

01:24:17 - 01:35:57   Plugs and see ya laters


- Alex is having fun in New Orleans. See picture at the bottom.

- As mentioned on previous notes, the guys from BEARS ON FILM changed their name to WE WATCHED A THING. Why? Ask them yourself!

- Seeing Rachel Bloom perform live is everything. This isn't from the show Julio attended, but it gets the point across.

Who knows what we'll do for next Wrestlemania, but we have CHASING AMY coming up next! Until then, please rate/review/subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to us. Be an Andy Kaufman, not a Tony Clifton!

PHOTO: Rasslin' Fun

PHOTO: Rasslin' Fun