55 - Fantastic Mr. Fox

What the cuss is this? An alleged kid's movie featuring broken marriages, rabid dogs, mutilated tails and... SMOKING?!?!?! Listen to Alex and Julio as they quickly realize stop-motion Wes Anderson is just as pretentious as live-action Wes Anderson but looks worse. FANTASTIC MR. FOX may have an all-star cast, but is it worth it when you can't really see their beautiful faces? And don't get us started on the plot holes...

Also: we reveal the line-up for the SUMMER OF TRAVOLTA event!

PHOTO: They can't even draw proper pupils.

PHOTO: They can't even draw proper pupils.


00:00:00 - 00:44:36    Contrarians Corner (#CC)

00:45:18 - 01:10:21         Real Talk

01:10:22 -  01:17:03        Summer of Travolta Line-up

01:17:04 - 01:19:56         Plugs and see ya laters

01:20:25 - 01:23:10        Julio's ongoing CGE adventures


- Just one, real fast: watch MUDBOUND! Who cares if it didn't win any Oscars?

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