45 - Lost in Translation

Remember when marriage was a sacred institution? Because LOST IN TRANSLATION doesn't! A trailblazing first female guest, Ashly Mitchell, joins Alex and Julio in dissecting Sofia Coppola's appalling ode to emotional infidelity and casual racism. A long meandering build-up to the biggest anticlimax ever, Coppola's movie told us it's OK to cheat on your spouse as long as you don't go past feet-touching and enigmatic whispers. It also told us it's OK to make fun of the Japanese as long as they don't understand what you're saying. 

PHOTO: Brainstorming session.

PHOTO: Brainstorming session.


- Ashly still listens to HOLE

- Alex totally fell for GOOD TIME and not just because he has a crush on Robert Pattinson. He also says AMERICAN VANDAL is hilarious (and we believe him).

- ALWAYS is on Netflix and goddammit don't listen to the haters. At the very least check out the Dreyfuss/Hunter dance scene Julio gushed about.

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