43 - The Wild Bunch

Men with guns on a mission. How could you make that boring? Well, let Sam Peckinpah show you. Alex, Julio and returning guest Brandon Curtis tackle a movie that seems intent on proving that THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN was a quick jog in the park. Rambling cowboys, sadistic children, Mexican tunes, and more squibs than you can shake a misogynist outlaw at - somehow none of it exciting. Maybe it's because we can't buy Ernest Borgnine as a badass. Maybe it's because we can't tell any of the bunchees apart. Maybe it's because it all goes on FOREVER.

PHOTO: Ernest Gone Wild.

PHOTO: Ernest Gone Wild.


- Watch BABY DRIVER, then read Armond White's review for an uncomfortable laugh.

- You only need earplugs if you're going to listen to HANS GRUBER AND THE DIE HARDS live. If you're just watching their YouTube videos, you'll be OK.

- Not that you need more people to tell you but go watch THE BIG SICK. It's probably still playing somewhere around you.

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