Episode 24 - Man Of The Year

The Contrarians' Political Train comes to its last stop! What would happen if Robin Williams won a presidential election? Ladies and gents, what WOULDN'T happen? Alex and Julio dissect Barry Levinson's incisive genre-bending comedy/thriller that asked too much of American audiences and critics. 21% on Rotten Tomatoes??? This is why Trump is a frontrunner these days!

Also, marvel at a rejuvenated Jeff Goldblum, be in awe of Laura Linney as she gives Jason Bourne a run for his money, and be gobsmacked by the experience of seeing Christopher Walken play Christopher Walken!

PHOTO: Still not as ridiculous as most current candidates.

PHOTO: Still not as ridiculous as most current candidates.

Oh, hey, we plugged something that requires a link!

The Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival is awesome and you should totally go next year (or even submit your film, if you have one). Julio gives it a non-Contrarian thumbs-up!

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