Episode 19 - Smokin' Aces

A violent, primal cry against bureaucracy and the perils of adulthood, SMOKIN' ACES featured pulse-pounding action and a cast of will-be all-stars directed by a talented director on the rise. And somehow, it's second only to THE BOONDOCK SAINTS when it comes to people truly hating a movie that doesn't star Adam Sandler. Why? What happened? Michael, what happened??? Join Alex and Julio as they try to figure out what's wrong with you if you don't like this movie.

PHOTO: How can you hate this???

PHOTO: How can you hate this???

We also have a couple of link-worthy shout-outs in this episode:

 #ATown - The Series (a fun Austin based web show)

Facing The Critics (a fun film podcast)

Two Step (a badass Texas indie thriller)

Oh god, we are a grown-up podcast now, posting links on the show notes and shit. Anyway, like all grown-up podcasts, we can also be found on iTunes, where you can rate and review us. Maybe you can thank us for helping you realize SMOKIN' ACES gave the world the new Captain Kirk.