Bonus! - Man on the Moon

It's Wrestlemania time, which means we are due for another Bonus Wrestlemania Episode! So Alex and Julio go Full Kaufman by picking a movie that waits about an hour to get to its big wrestling set piece: Jerry Lawler beating the hell out of Jim Carrey. It's a Rotten-Tomatoes-endorsed Possessed-Carrey vehicle about the Ultimate Troll, and the joke is on us, the audience! Listen as The Contrarians wrestle (get it?) with how empty the movie made them feel and also with what it's like to see the original cast of TAXI pretending to be 30 years younger.

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56 - Catch and Release

Behold: a movie that shows you how to grieve the right way. Sussanah Grant’s CATCH AND RELEASE may look like an average rom-com vehicle full of beautiful charismatic people – and oh god are they all gorgeous -- but underneath it all lies enough pain and confusion to create a thousand ugly crying faces. Listen to Alex and Julio swoon for Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant, marvel at a rare Kevin Smith performance written and directed by someone other than himself, and confirm that anything is automatically better when you add Juliette Lewis to the mix. It’s the first half of our Kevin Smith Appreciation Two-Parter!

Plus: a brief discussion of GOOD TIME and JIM AND ANDY during Real Talk!

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55 - Fantastic Mr. Fox

What the cuss is this? An alleged kid's movie featuring broken marriages, rabid dogs, mutilated tails and... SMOKING?!?!?! Listen to Alex and Julio as they quickly realize stop-motion Wes Anderson is just as pretentious as live-action Wes Anderson but looks worse. FANTASTIC MR. FOX may have an all-star cast, but is it worth it when you can't really see their beautiful faces? And don't get us started on the plot holes...

Also: we reveal the line-up for the SUMMER OF TRAVOLTA event!

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54 - Tank Girl

YEEEAAAH, TANK GIRL!!!! Lost among the myriad of failed adaptations in the 1990s lies a fantastic Looney-Toonish feminist manifesto that clearly scared too many people in Hollywood. Listen to Alex and Julio as they discuss Lori Petty's powerhouse performance as a female Bugs Bunny superhero, Malcolm McDowell's prescient take on a future American president and Naomi Watts' heartbreaking film debut in The States. All this and Ice-T as a mutant kangaroo too!

Not enough for you? We'll also announce our Summer 2018 Project!

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53 - American Hustle

Christian Bale's combover. Amy Adams' accent. Bradley Cooper's perm. Jennifer Lawrence singing "Live or Let Die". Yes, on paper, AMERICAN HUSTLE is a comedy. On the screen? It's an experience so excruciating, Alex and Julio needed help from Down Under to get through it. Chas Fisher, host of the podcast DRAFT ZERO, returns to the show to discuss David O. Russell's lack of regard for sensible storytelling, wonder what dark secrets Russell knows about all these talented actors and, of course, be horrified by how this movie treats women.

All this, plus: some spoilery LAST JEDI talk and a super cute cameo by Chas' daughter in the post-credits clip.

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52 - Righteous Kill

Pacino. DeNiro. Sharing the screen for a full 90 minutes, because Jon Avnet is fifteen times the director Michael Mann is. RIGHTEOUS KILL has it all: slick violence, slicker sex and the slickest final twist this side of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It also has a dismal 19% score on Rotten Tomatoes, proving once again that you can't trust that website for nothing. Listen to Alex and Julio marvel at Pacino's hair, argue about whether this Carla Gugino performance tops the one she gave in WATCHMEN, and lament the fact that Pacino's death whisper hasn't been memified for some reason.

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51 - Sing Street

Behold: an Irish film that's too scared to go Full Irish. No real heavy drinking, no real swearing, no real violence. Only lots of 80s musical numbers and one of those girl-totally-takes-advantage-of-boy love stories. Recently appointed Austin Critic, Eddie Strait, returns to the podcast to join Alex and Julio in dissecting SING STREET - and long for the days of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS and its sequel.

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Bonus! - 200 Cigarettes

MTV was way ahead of their time when they cast a bunch of future Oscar nominees, future Oscar winners and all around future superstars to travel back in time and celebrate New Year's Eve in The 80s. Critics and audiences dismissed them as a bunch of nobodies who didn't even know how to party - now we can appreciate them as complex individuals who share the same issues we people from the 2000s suffer from. Listen to Alex and Julio untangle the multiple storylines that make up 200 CIGARETTES and marvel at how much we all have in common with young Martha Plimpton and young Kate Hudson, how Jay Mohr is always a weasel no matter the decade and how Ben Affleck became a man after this movie flopped.

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Bonus! - Mixed Nuts

Steve Martin, Rita Wilson and a buffet of past and future comedy stars, all directed by Nora Ephron in a Christmas tale set around a crisis hotline. What's not to love there??? And yet, MIXED NUTS got the cruelest Rotten Tomatoes treatment and stands at a miserable 7%. Were the suicide jokes too much for Early-90s America? Or was it the foxtrot dance number between Martin and a transvestite Liev Schreiber? And what about young Adam Sandler and his ukulele? Alex and Julio are joined by Christmas enthusiast (and singer of the punk band HANS GRUBER AND THE DIE HARDS) TJ Robinson, as they explore this hidden holidays classic.

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50 - Cloud Atlas

How much Tom Hanks is too much? Is there a justification to white-face Halle Berry and Asian-face Jim Sturgess? Did The Wachowskis peak with SPEED RACER? And who's that other guy listed in the directing credits? Alex and Julio celebrate their 50-episode milestone by battling it out on their fifth Gray Area Episode! Is CLOUD ATLAS an overstuffed mess or is it a clever labyrinth of themes and transitions? One thing's for sure: it will take you less time to listen to this podcast than it'd take you to watch the movie again.

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